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Overhead Mechanism

Overmax Synchro System

Features -

It is very elegantly designed for moderate kitchen look.

Kitchen wall cabinet door system with patented synchronised opening movement.

Suitable for both wooden & glass alu. frame doors.

The handle has to be fixed in the upper front to the lower front.

Maximum door weight 5 kgs.

Latent Condiment Box

Features -

Latent Condiment box can be used for a whole variety of application and ensures the contents are clearly arranged and presented at eye level.

Innovative organization system for wall cabinet.

Min. cabinet depth 340 mm. & min. height when closed 145 mm.

Weight capacity - 600-5 kgs, & 900-7 kgs.

Magic Collector

Features -

Wall unit lift system providing more ergonomics and user convenience.

Open easily, remains in any desire position, close silently and effortlessly.

Easy access to out of reach object in wall units.

Suitable for overhead cabinet of 600 & 900 mm.

Weight capacity 10 kgs.


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